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Europe, Nations and Modernity The idea of Europe, European identities and Europeanization, in short Europe , has been conventionally studied in relation to nationalism and the hegemony of nation states in the modern world Europe, Nations and Modernity aims to open up a fresh perspective to the study of Europe by placing the discussion of what is Europe and what is it to be European in a wider context of the study of modernity As a number of scholars have argued, Europe is a fundamentally contested concept This collection is inspired by on going debates and proposes to study Europe by placing it in a tripartite relationship with nations and modernity using Europe as modernity as a key The volume presents a collection of nine case studies Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom and provides a map of different constellations of Europe, nations and modernity in today s Europe. Download Europe, Nations and Modernity – wildweaves.co.uk