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Stand Help teens get off the rollercoaster of doubt and on to solid ground In easy to understand chapters, Alex McFarland helps readers examine the six pillars of biblical Christianity inspiration of the Bible, the virgin birth, deity of Christ, atonement, Christ s resurrection and return With humor and stories gleaned from decades of working with youth, McFarland encourages teens to build a foundation of faith that will stabilize their lives and help them take a stand for Christ. Read Stand by Alex McFarland –

Download Standauthor Alex McFarland –

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  1. Good read, but would say that it isrelevant to new Christians McFarland has geared this book for teens college students to be able to talk to their liberal colleagues professors about why the Bible must be taken literally I think it may have helped me to read this book before college.

  2. Awesome book for high school students.

  3. Good easy to understand 6 core Biblical Truths and doctrine.

  4. A quick easy read It s filled with scripture references to solidify the points that were made.

  5. Excellent book Great gift for grads.